This is a 6 month group programme focussed on the things that hold us back both as business owners and as individuals. 

Group coaching

I'm so in! ⟶

you've Bought the books & listened to the latest podcasts....

Now let's do the real work 

If you are constantly searching for that 'thing' that's going to make you happy, this is FOR YOU

If you have bought (but maybe not yet read!) all the latest self help book and listened to the podcasts & signed up for various newsletters freebies and tips but STILL can't make the change. This is FOR YOU

Over 6 months I will be working with you on various areas of self development, using coaching, visualisations, meditation, tapping, worksheets and group work to help you transform from where you are to your happiest, most authentic self, to leave you feeling more confident, less stressed and loving yourself a little harder.

When we align with our true selves and can make time to sustain we stop giving energy to the surface level shit gong on around us.
Experience the incredible support and accountability system of a group of like minded souls

This is where the magic happens & these are your people.

Imagine if you could

Let go of all the reasons you tell yourself you can't and started believing YOU CAN. How would your life change if you starting showing up as the confident & carefree person you want to be?

Live your life without fear of what your clients, friends, colleagues and family may think. Let go of the fear of being judged and do what feels good - Increase your prices, work the hours you want to & make changes

Stop making bad decisions. From food choices, life style choices, to people you hang out with and jobs you say yes to when really, you want to say NO. When you start loving yourself more, it's amazing how easy it is to make good choices in every other area of your life

Stop holding yourself back and let go of the fear, procrastination and overwhelm that stops you from moving forwards to your happiest self.

How would your life change if that was no longer there?

I'm so in! ⟶

Programme details

 Honour your most successful and happiest self, with this small window of time twice a month to help you make the changes you need to create a sustainable, balanced & happy lifestyle 


Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is alternative therapy that works with your body's energy meridian points. I have found it invaluable for relieving stress and anxiety but also a quick fix for raising my vibe. 
We will be using this technique to reduce anxiety


Throughout the 6 months we will be using guided meditation to help you gain clarity on your thoughts and ideas.

This gives time to ask yourself what you really want and allows you to create little pockets of joy in your day


When you work in alignment with your true self EVERYTHING becomes so much easier. This will also help you get into your natural state of 'flow'
We will work with various tools to help you feel more aligned with your higher, badass, happiest self


We will use guided visualisation, journalling and group discussion to help you see through all the fogginess and get clarity on where you are, where you want to be and the steps needed to take you there. 

practical guides

I love me some spiritual shit but this is also where the real work gets done. 
I'm going to share my guides to moving through procrastination and managing your overwhelm day to day, so you are free to live your best life


We are going to dig deep and let of what no longer serves you in your past, so you can fill your cup back up , gain momentum and get ready for what's next 
 Say Bub-bye to:
- Shame
- Limiting beliefs
- The stories you tell yourself

We're movin' on!

What you get

The details

90 minute group coaching call on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month via Zoom

Access to call recordings if live session is missed

Private & confidential Facebook Group to share feedback, lightbulb moments and support

Tools to help you manage stress, overwhelm and anxiety

You will gain a better understanding of who you are and why you do the things you do and how to change the pattern

Be part of a supportive group of people from all industries 

Total programme value: £2400+

what's included for you on this programme

this programme will help you understand & align with your true self in a whole new way, leaving you happier, less stressed & loving yourself hard

I'm all in!


Pay in full

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 6 payments of

I'm ready!

this is for you if:

this is not for you if:

• You are looking for business advice or business coaching

• You want hair skills or something hair business related

• If you have a specific focus in mind, I would suggest 1:2:1 coaching

• If you prefer 1:2:1 experience

• If you are not able to commit to 2 evenings a month

• You want to start looking after your self & your emotional needs but don't know where to start

• You are looking for positive change 

• You've listened to the podcasts & read the books but haven't implemented any change

• If you are dealing with anxiety & stress 

• You want to experience the benefits of growing as a community 


"Waking up each morning to a motivational message of Jo was a brilliant way to start the day and get the brain juices flowing on how I can make a better change for my life. The sessions were so impactful and the takeaways and lightbulb moments were well and truly worth the investment.
I really missed the program when it had finished and missed the daily messages!!
I’d highly recommend raising your vibe and feeling empowered with Jo!!"

"Today is the first day in a long time that I can say I have a plan.

One I'm genuinely excited about.
I had an amazing coaching call with Jo. I've felt so overwhelmed and lost this past 18 months that I was days from giving up my business completely. Jo has assessed my skills, weeded out all the unnecessary shit and made my vision crystal clear. "

"Hands down, this was the best thing I have ever done regarding my business, and the best investment for me

to make sure I move forward and empower myself to ensure that I am making all the right decisions and embracing change."

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I'M jo Irving!

I’m a ICF qualified life & business coach, salon owner, mentor, mum and I’m OBSESSED with empowering hair stylists to reach their potential in every area of their lives.

I've been working for myself since I was 20 and have created several successful businesses within the hair industry in that time. All whilst juggling being a mum, wife & looking after my mental health. 
I'm here to cut the BS, stop the hustle and show you it's possible without the burn out

Life coach, business mentor & serial entrepreneur

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