I’m a ICF qualified life & business coach, mentor, mum and serial entrepreneur and I’m OBSESSED with empowering hair stylists to reach their potential in every area of their lives.

My love for the hair industry has spanned my whole career of over 26 years. Within this time I have owned salons, ran huge beauty agencies, worked all over the world as a wedding stylist, educated for some of the industries biggest brands and helped thousands of hair stylists to carve out their own path.

After retraining I am now using my expertise and experience as a successful entrepreneur, my love of branding and my passion for hairdressing to empower hair stylists to reach their potential.As a fully qualified ICF life coach I can help you let go of whatever holds you back from reaching your goals and RISE

So if you’re busy going round in circles making the same mistakes and STILL no closer to the dream life you promised yourself, it's time to make a change

It is an absolute honour to be able to help so many hairdressers and business owners reach their goals and show them there is another way to get there, without hustle or burn out

I'm Jo Irving,

Don’t wait for a life changing moment to change your life. Take back the power and make a commitment to yourself to change the story.

My advice

I have worked for myself since 1999 after winning a Prince’s Trust Award at 20 and opening up my first salon. 

I have worked all over the world styling hair for red carpet, editorial and weddings and with some of the world's leading hair brands both as a stylist and an educator. 

I have been blessed with creativity and the ability to do a good braid, but my ultimate passion lies in business and in helping others to shine their light.

My story

I still educate, style hair for magazines and work with GHD but I now own a hair salon where I help freelance stylists build a brand that lights the up.
I also own and run the Lovehair Business Club which is a business based membership for hairstylists to thrive.
Not bad for someone with 4 GCSE’s, dyslexia and a self proclaimed introvert!

I am obsessed with branding and business strategy. I am that person that goes on holiday and wants to bring an idea back to the UK. Just me?
I’ve owned 3 successful businesses since my journey began, taking them to the elusive ‘six figures’ & building them all to work with and pivot around my growing family.

But the fear of not being enough, vs my ego having to show others that I AM. smart enough, hard working enough & have my shit together enough ( despite the negative connotations of being a young mum & hairdresser - Maybe you relate?YAWN) 
Meant that I hit burnout more than once.

But after one trip to A & E too many, I had my defining moment and everything changed.

I see myself in so many of the stylists and business owners I coach - Stuck in the same stories we tell ourselves of what's possible and what's not based on our beliefs.

I have experienced for myself what coaching can do and it’s turned my life around.

From being burnt out, riddled with procrastination, mum guilt & imposter syndrome and never having enough time to look after my body to feeling calm, in control and more confident than ever and now working in my dream job.

About my coaching style

High vibe & no BS

My coaching style reflects me, relaxed but fiercely ambitious. 
I'm not going to be telling you to get up at 5am to win the day that's for sure, but I'm not going to let you play small when you are capable of more, either.

I'm going to introduce you to your best self and work with you to unpick all the blocks that stop you from showing up as her.
There's no better feeling than the ' F@ck Yes!' moment when you realise you had what it takes all along. For me, empowering you to see that is the best bit! and even typing that gives me butterflies.

I am here to support and guide you as you level up your life and raise your vibe both in your life & your business. I am also honest AF and may hold a mirror up to things you don't always want to see or hear

But my friend, this is how we rise. By creating awareness around the things that no longer serve us and choosing something different instead.
The fact that you are reading this, shows that you already are.

⟶ Early morning outdoor swims at Beaverbrook

⟶ Paddle boarding with friends

⟶ Travelling around the world either with my family or styling hair 

⟶ Walks in the park with my doggo 

Where you can find me most days:

⟶ Freedom to travel & experience other cultures

⟶ Time with my kids, they make me laugh THE MOST!

⟶ Daily rituals and time to myself to align with my goals

⟶ Being on the water - surfing, paddle boarding or just watching 

Things that matter to me the most:

"You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf"

Hey there, I'M jo!

Over the years I have worked with literally hundreds of stylists and business owners to unpick the beliefs, change the action and make the shift they needed to create the life they want..

When we change our mindset it’s incredible what else changes too.
Suddenly we love ourselves a little more and start making better decisions. Everything becomes easier. Clearer.

It’s likely that you will come to me with something you’d like to focus on and leave with the clarity you needed, but also having lost weight, created deeper relationships, started getting rid of debt, looking after yourself more and maybe even changed jobs or asked for a pay rise.
It’s amazing what happens when we start valuing ourselves and what we need over the day to day BS that can soak up our energy

Life coach, business mentor & serial entrepreneur

Work with me ⟶

Here's how!

I've created several group & 1:2:1 programmes to help you find the clarity you need to level up, no matter what your budget. 
If you can't see what you're looking for or don't know what you really need, no worries. You can book a discovery call below

Want to work with me?

Business strategy session

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A 4.5 hour 1:2:1 session where Jo will dive deep into your business’s needs, marketing strategy and brand identity to get you back on track

Business Mentor Programme

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This 6 month programme is everything new business owners need to create a wildly successful hair business without burnout 

The empowerment

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A 5 days of transformative group coaching to get you back to your badass self.

1:1 Coaching

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Get happy! Life coaching helps you create sustainable, positive change that can transform your mindset & your life.

Group Coaching

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Expert guidance to help you focus the changes you want to make and the tools to make it happen.

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Ready to make a change? not sure what you need? book a call with me to learn more

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Client Love

Jo has brought back lost confidence, allowed me to move on from past heartbreak, get rid of my piling debt, made me a better wife and Mum and given me business tools to become the stylist I want to be. Best of all it’s made me so much happier, people have even commented on the change. How she does this I don’t know! It’s wizardry. She is kind, open, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable in business. 

I now can’t imagine going back to where I was before. This is what she manages to do, give you perspective and insight that allows you to navigate your life to where you want it to be.
I cannot recommend Jo enough and will be forever grateful for everything she has taught me."

"What Jo does is incredible.

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