Business Strategy Session

We are going to briefly cover marketing, branding, systems and processes that will make your business run smoothly. All the boring bits that will make your hair business a success!

It's time to level up!

Do you Always find yourself stuck at Procrastination Station?

⟶ Are you constantly asking yourself WTF is marketing and how do I even start? 

⟶ Or have you been running your business for a while and feeling a little stuck?

Then this is the programme for you ..

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imagine if you could:

Jo will get an overview of your business and create an action list to get you straight on what your business needs most to hit your short and long term goals
Marketing advice and tools
Advice on how to niche your specific brand and make your ideal client fall in love with your offering 

Save time, energy and money getting the answers. 

The 4 hour business strategy session is a great way to get clarity on your business to ensure you are focusing on the right areas to make maximum impact and work towards your business goals.

This ensures you work smarter (not harder!!) and have a full understanding of your business, what it needs from you and when.

This is for those of you running a business for a while but need a business strategy overhaul to gain new clients, pivot their current business or advice on WTF to do next.

No more allocating time for your business but not knowing where to start, this will help you refocus.



This 4 hour session is a starting point to get you thinking like a CEO and ensure you are focussing your precious time on the most impactful areas of your business.

Too busy working in your business but not on it?

⟶ Revenue streams
⟶ Opportunities for growth
⟶ Social media and website check in 
⟶ Brand awareness
⟶ Marketing to your ideal audience
⟶ Creating client connection

What's included

4 hour 1:2:1 session with full notes and recording (this session can also be broken in to 2 x 2 hour sessions)
30 minute follow up call 
Recording of calls
Summary of notes and action plan
Copies of any spread sheets or documents discussed for business use

Business analysis including:

I'm so In! ⟶

"Waking up each morning to a motivational message of Jo was a brilliant way to start the day and get the brain juices flowing on how I can make a better change for my life. The sessions were so impactful and the takeaways and lightbulb moments were well and truly worth the investment.
I really missed the program when it had finished and missed the daily messages!!
I’d highly recommend raising your vibe and feeling empowered with Jo!!"

Client Love

Cut out all the procrastination and BS that us business owners punish ourselves with and take you straight to the sweet spot of what your next steps are and how to manage it. 

Are you ready to proactive?

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This is going to create impactful change!

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I'M jo Irving!

I’m a ICF qualified life & business coach, salon owner, mentor, mum and I’m OBSESSED with empowering hair stylists to reach their potential in every area of their lives.

I've been working for myself since I was 20 and have created several successful businesses within the hair industry in that time. All whilst juggling being a mum, wife & looking after my mental health. 
I'm here to cut the BS, stop the hustle and show you it's possible without the burn out

Life coach, business mentor & serial entrepreneur

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