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Wellness + business retreats for CREATIVES 

Grow your confidence with like minded creatives & all the the good vibes

about the retreats

Come home to yourself

I have always loved going on yoga retreats and after several bouts of burn out and crippling anxiety, I came to realise how much taking time out to day dream & stretch in the sun had a direct & positive impact on my business. Every single time I went away, my confidence grew and in turn, my business levelled up.
That was not a coincidence

I initially ran these retreats for hair stylists, to help them find their creativity and grow their business but soon realised how life changing our retreats were for anyone that ran a small business or was self employed. Particularly as a creative

I love to see my coaching clients find their flow, lean in, reach their potential and feel the joy.

Our retreats are a safe and nurturing space for our guests to rest, laugh, plan and prepare to go back to work feeling like the CEO of their life..
After this week, you are going to leave feeling unstoppable, relaxed and full of self love

Since becoming a life coach, I’ve learned that business growth only comes after personal growth.

You deserve it!

Step away from the monotony and join me, and a group of passionate creatives much like yourself, for a week of self exploration, business development and some freaking fun! 

about the ibiza Retreat

The place to be

Can Shanti is our Luxurious Ibiza Retreat Home
A truly magical space nestled in the stunning Ibizan countryside the translation of Can Shanti “a place of quiet, peace and tranquility" could not be more appropriate.

Our days here include yoga, mindfulness and business sessions by the pool but
also for the adventurous of you we will be kayaking and hiking in the hills of one of the most picturesque locations in Ibiza.

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about The UK REtreat

Cozy Vibes

Our UK retreat is focussed around Hygge Vibes.
 With nights spent around the fire pit and days our days spent wild swimming or  walking on the beach, followed by workshops on the sofa with a blanket and a hot cuppa. This is the ultimate retreat for those that love being cozy while they work

Whether you choose Ibiza or the UK, you can rest assured that we’re fiercely selective about our retreat locations, ensuring they have the perfect
balance of luxury and comfort to create a welcoming & relaxed environment.


Upcoming retreats

It’s Time You Remember Who the F YOU Are! 

Vibrant, Talented, & A Human Being with Needs of Your Own

Nourish your body with rest and fresh, healthy food.

Connect with like minded individuals, & seek solutions together in a judgement-free and nurturing environment.

Get aligned with your true self and come away with new thought processes that will change your life

Level up your business and perspective with workshops designed to help you as a stylist and a business owner. 

Have exciting adventures, and try things you may have never done before such as paddle boarding, chanting or hiking

Reconnect with your body through regular yoga, deep breathing, and reflective morning rituals. 

where do I sign up?

As stylist we work on our feet all day, making others happy, acting as therapists to our clients as well as showing up, being creative and putting on a smile every day. 

It’s not uncommon to barely eat lunch or sit down, we come home late, eat what fills us up or what is closest rather than what our bodies need, then fit in our family or social life. Often putting our own needs last.
 Leaving us feeling exhausted, dissatisfied and often wondering if this is it!?

It's a known fact that hairstylists burn out, we feel pressured by our clients, our companies, social media and society to be a certain person. To please everyone and put their needs before our own.

But as we are not aligning with our true and authentic self, it is hard work! We never get to just be.

This can lead to exhaustion, imposter syndrome, low self worth, feelings of not being enough and a whole load of limiting beliefs. 

Add to that the everyday stress of running a business or a column and the mentally and physically draining pressures that, on days, can be a blow dry or a Whatsapp too much and you've got yourself burn out. 

Hairdressers give so much!

I've been there!

Mentoring & skills building

Check which retreats focus on business growth & workshops specifically for creatives.
topics may include: 

⟶ Branding
⟶ Business Analysis
⟶ Confidence Boosting Sessions
⟶ Social Media Workshops
⟶ Photography Skills 
⟶ One-to-one business overview
⟶ Mood Boarding
⟶ Accessory Making

Additional services such as Facials, Head Massage, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Tarot Reading can be purchased separately upon request. 

See all the details

After researching what helps those struggling with burn out reduce the risk and how to recover, I ensured that each retreat counteracted the damaging effects of burnout and consisted of an engaging programme which includes, and is not limited too: 

The beautiful chemistry that you get from putting a group of likeminded souls together


⟶ Yoga

To stretch, strengthen and switch off

⟶ Silence

Daily rituals to allow time to come back to themselves

⟶ Journaling

An amazing tool for mindfulness, clarity and focus

⟶ Nutritious food

To nurture their bodies and soul

⟶ LAughter

The best medicine!

⟶ group coaching + connection

This is a big part of what our retreat is about.  
The name Can Shanti gains more significance when small intimate groups can come together to share in deep healing, transformative, empowering and relaxing practices, under the expert care of our dedicated team of Can Shanti hosts and wellness experts.
Not to mention all the laughter, new friendships, lazy long deliciously healthy meals, sunsets, star- filled nights and serious sunbathing that you can look forward

⟶ Circle time

We have circle time each evening, either round the fire pit or on the deck where we share, support and listen. No judgement, no egos just as equals.
This is many if our guests favourite session

⟶ Adventure

It's important to me that the guests experience the feeling you get when you overcome a fear or try something new and win, being cheered on by your tribe. In the UK we go wild swimming and paddle boarding. In Ibiza we paddle board on the sea.

Students are invited to freely attend any session they feel is suited to their individual needs.

⟶ Excursions

We always include a trip to change the scene & connect with nature and local hot spots

⟶ Creative workshops

As creatives, we love 'making' so our retreats always include craft sessions, creating hair clips and brand boards, this was also very therapeutic

⟶ Treatments

Available throughout the week from massage to crystal healing

WHat our past guests said...

 I’ve really loved spending time with a like minded group of stylists and ive really enjoyed how we’ve focused on business only,because spending time thinking about this is often neglected and i felt like we are all equal, rather than doing hair and comparing our work! I’ve loved the group activities and everyone has been so nice.
I feel as though i have a bit more f a plan for my business and the support of everyone has really helped my confidence and given me the motivation to make lots of positive changes.
Already(and i’m still here as i write this!)I feel that it was worth the investment .
Thank you so much Jo for being such a role model and investing so much of yourself to help others.
Hope to see you again.

 Thank you Jo and Erica for nurturing me , building my confidence and giving me time out. You made me feel safe , comfortable and looked after,I think that all stylists would benefit from this retreat in such a giving industry. It is so important to give back to yourself too.
I have met amazing women , learnt and found clarity for my business had lots of laughs too! A real rest week. Thank you!

Each morning the guests are woken with a soft gong outside their door and asked to remain silent until breakfast. This allows reflection time and undoing of the hardwiring, because as stylists our natural instinct is to make small talk, to ask how people are, if they slept well etc.

On our retreat I want to create a space where our guests can focus on how they feel before anyone else. I have found its important and hugely beneficial for mental health to check in with yourself before taking on the energy of others.

Just picture this

daily agenda










Rise early for an hours restorative yoga.

30 minutes journaling - also in silence

Delicious and nutritious vegetarian breakfast

Workshop or rest

Light lunch
Free time to rest and relax by the pool
Excursion / treatment time or Paddle board session

3 course dinner
Circle time and early night 

All retreats include the absolute magic & sense of community that can only come from bringing a bunch of CREATIVES together.

Kind words

Going on this retreat saved me & my business, not only did I meet the most beautiful, incredible and talented ladies, I’d learnt that we are all grappling with feelings of insecurity - regardless of how accomplished we maybe. 
Every bit of time was carefully planned and well thought of, which in truth makes it hard to give a best bit as I loved it all! But singing mermaids has to be the single most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced (being a red head I wanted to be the little mermaid when I was a child!).

Jo bought together the best souls that have continued to support each other over text or social media long after and hopefully for many years to come. 
Thanks to Jo’s retreat I left feeling, refreshed , more confident & more like my old self. Since then I have had the courage to put myself forward, I’ve won a award, become an educator, an ambassador for a brand and now an art director for an Art Team & much more to come. To Jo & the ladies I shared this experience with, I will be eternally grateful

Jos Ibiza retreat was the most magical and best experience I’ve ever had on a hair course!
Jo is such an amazing person and the experience she made for us in Ibiza was truly magical and one I’ll never forget !
For me the best bits was the whole trip from meeting the girls to circle chats live singing mermaids yoga fortmentera paddle boarding mambo sunsets and of course hair oh and abit of dancing on the table … it was just the best!

It gave me confidence made me feel like I’m not on my own and I made friends with like minded people in the industry it was the first time I didn’t feel judge and I could become myself again and it helped me discover what I needed to work on and what to let go of.

Everyone’s favourite time of the day!

circle time

Several of our past participants have said that ‘circle time brought them the most clarity.’ It’s an amazing way for us stylists to support each other, lean in and step up in our business!
You can be the best business owner or most skilled creative in the world, but if you are not feeling good on the inside, you are not going to reach your potential. That's a fact 

Because to succeed, we need self belief and the confidence to show up and that's impossible to sustain when you are not feeling it on the inside

This week is a transformative coaching and soul led experience to get you back to you again.

It’s my mission with my reset retreats to give you space to work on your business instead of in it, and the guidance and tools you need to grow yourself as an individual and raise your vibe 

Growth is Just Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Set yourself free!

Along with all this nurturing, I also think it’s important to conquer some fears and try something new
— In Ibiza, we go paddle boarding in the sea, and in the Uk, wild swimming or paddle boarding if available.

It’s exhilarating to step outside our comfort zone, especially when feeling fearful in other areas.
I believe it's important to be brave, to prove to yourself that you are unstoppable, but nothing beats being cheered on by your tribe as they stand by and watch you conquer your fears!

nurture your body, mind & soul

Why is yoga so great for stylist?

Yoga provides an outlet for working stylists to take time out and look after their bodies. So many of us struggle with stress, anxiety, back pain and poor posture. Practising yoga, even for this short amount of time can truly help as an anecdote to all of those things.

The yoga poses we teach are designed for hair stylist to release the muscles around their shoulders and arms from tensions of working all day,

We use restorative and opening poses that enhance wellbeing and mood as well as to release tensions across the shoulders and lower back from standing all day

Yoga, back care and exercise is essential for keeping us fit and allowing us to continue working as long as we wish to.

• Yoga increases your flexibility

• Yoga helps you to build strength

• Yoga improves your posture

• Yoga helps to keep your joints healthy

• Yoga is a powerful mindfulness practice

• Yoga reduces stress

• Yoga lowers blood pressure

• Yoga helps you to make healthier life choices

• Yoga releases endorphins and boosts your mood

• Yoga helps you sleep better

10 benefits of yoga

Wow, I definitely wasn't disappointed! It's honestly been one of the best trips I've ever done ( and I've been lucky enough to do a few solo trips too!) Of course feeling a little anxious the night before, going into the unknown, but within 24 hours everyone was so comfortable with each other! Jo made the vibe so fun and relaxed and suddenly before we knew it we were part of this awesome little tribe with no judgement, just happy friendly faces all in it for the same reasons! We had the perfect balance of self care, yoga and mindful mornings along with awesome hair skills and a social media workshop! We spent a few evenings having 'circle time' which was so special. A really lovely chance to get to know everyone and also open up and be honest in a very caring and supportive space. Anndddd ....don't get me started on the suprise by Jo with the singing mermaids.. it was one of those moments in time I'll never forget. Just Amazing!! Followed by a villa party! I mean how cool is that! 
Jo is such a special soul and i felt so lucky to be a part of this awesome trip! I came away feeling so refreshed, so inspired and actually quite proud of how far I had come. Not just that but also blessed to have a whole new group of friends! We are already planning meet ups!! Thank you Jo for all your hard work and planning to make it a trip to remember!!

Kind words

Trip costs & Booking details

You're in for a good time!


What's included

• 6 nights luxury accommodation in shared rooms
• Pool towels + bath towels
• Nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner each day (Except Dinner on Wednesday evening when we will explore the Island)
• First nights drinks
• Hot drinks, water & fruits all day
• Yoga every morning from a trained professional
• 20 minute 1:2:1 with Jo
• 5 x workshops with Jo
• Goodie bag
• Confidence boosting sessions, mindfulness and meditation

What's Not included

• Flights
• Insurance
• Transfers & taxis whilst on the island
• Wednesday night dinner
• Any treatments (List available on arrival)
• Paddle boarding session - Approx 35 Euros
• Optional Business overview session with Jo
• Alcohol - It's available and you are welcome to purchase your own but not included in price

Next retreat

June 21st - June 27th 2024


What's included

• 4 nights luxury accommodation in shared rooms
• Pool towels + bath towels
• Breakfast, lunch and 3 course dinner every day
• Pre dinner drinks
• Hot drinks, water & fresh fruits all day
• Yoga and mindfulness session every morning 
• Full day brand workshop with Equipt
• 4 x workshops with Jo
• Confidence boosting sessions
• Swimming pool
• Goodie bag

What's Not included

• Any treatments (List available on arrival)
• Optional Business overview session with Jo

Next retreat

15th - 19th January 2024
Wylder, Somerset UK




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Jo xox0

Join me as we step away, & discover just how powerful you really are!

"You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf"

As a coach, I’ve realised the importance of removing
stylists from a learning or salon environment. That creating a safe & open space for them to truly relax and engage another part of their creativity would help them to tap into a side of themselves lost, due to the demands of work & life management.


How many spots are available?

Availability changes depending on retreat venue but we tend to stick to 12 - 16 guests per retreat

Is this retreat open to all genders?

We are super happy to welcome male, female and non binary guests but as accommodation is shared, we only have single sex rooms so there may be a single supplement. Please drop us an email and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. If you are bringing a friend / partner you are welcome to share a room with them on request

Can I share the room with a friend?

Absolutely! Just let us know who your roomie is and we’ll make sure you are together. If there is more than 2 friends in a group, we will always do our best to put you together but it depends on the numbers and venue

Do you have a payment plan?

You can pay your initial deposit which is non refundable, the remainder is due 10 weeks before the trip
If you would like to break this up further, please email for details

Are flights/trains included?

On all Lovehair Retreats you are responsible for your own flights, travel and transfer to the retreat venue. 
Any travelling whilst on your stay for organised trips or adventures will be covered by us.

How do we get from the airport to our villa?

If your retreat is in Ibiza, we will set up a Whatsapp group for those travelling from the UK and you can arrange taxi and transfers between you. We will help you with this too!
It’s VERY easy to travel in Ibiza as everywhere is 20-30 minutes away and taxi drivers speak English. I know travelling alone can be a little scary but we are here to support you and ensure you are safe - Please email if you are concerned about this and we will do our best to help you

Do I need the vaccine to attend the retreat?

We are constantly checking the WHO website for updated information but at the moment we ask that you follow the guidelines for the country you're visiting.

Is drinking/alcohol allowed?

We are not your usual yoga retreat! Yes you are allowed to drink alcohol, although we do ask that you drink responsibly and not during workshops or whilst swimming

We provide welcome drinks on your first night and a glass of wine each evening if desired, after that you are welcome to purchase and bring your own.
At our Ibiza venue, you can buy a bottle of wine that will be labeled as yours and kept for each mea (If you haven’t drunk it on the first night!)
Wine or alcohol can also be bought locally 

Do I need to bring anything specific to come to the retreat?

We will send you a packing list for things that may be helpful
Everything is provided so it will just be your personal belongings and clothes
 Footwear for beach walks / walking to the yoga deck 
Something cozy for the evenings
Swimwear and clothes for paddleboarding / yoga and chilling
Essentially, you can leave your heels at home, even in Ibiza the clubwear of choice is always flats

Are all the meals included?

We provide our guest with breakfast lunch and dinner each day except for dinner at our Ibiza retreat on a Wednesday where we have a chance to explore the Island
Refreshments include fruit, snacks, hot drinks, water and every milk possible throughout the day
We are very fussy about food so expect vegetarian, delicious, filling and Instagrammable AF

Do we have to share rooms?

All accommodation is shared. If you prefer to be alone you can request a single room, please be aware that this is a much more expensive option and there may only be one if any available but we will try our best!
No one ever wants to share rooms, I get it! But by the end of the week, everyone loves it and has made new ride or dies for life! Promise!

What is the refund policy?

The payments are non refundable but can be transferred if cancelled up to 10 weeks beforehand 




Are you interested in the UK or Ibiza retreat?


Thank you!

You will be notified as soon as we start the retreats again.


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