My 6 month mentor programme is everything you need as a budding entrepreneur in the hair or beauty industry

Business Mentor

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When I started my business, I was rubbish on a computer and had no clue where to start with marketing, branding and ideal client..WTF was that?

I used to say I wanted ‘a Dragon’ not for the funds but for the advice and guidance from someone that knows what they're doing… 

I now have over 25 years experience in the hair industry, from owning my own salons to running one of the UK’s largest hair & make up agencies, working all over the globe on weddings, building a business club for stylists, running retreats in Europe for hairdressers, working for some the world’s leading hair brands and creating front covers and editorials for several wedding magazines as well as building my own brand & clientele. So, I get you. 
And I want nothing more than to help you reach your potential too.
But without the sleepless nights and hustle that I had!

Starting a business is not easy. You have spent years perfecting your craft so don’t let not being business savvy stop you from reaching your goals.
Don’t let not having all the answers be the reason you don’t try, this 6 months programme is going to support you through uplevelling your mindset & your business.

This course is going to enlighten you to work smarter NOT harder from the start with relevant and much needed business tools, support and advice to take you initial idea and brand concept through to delivering an awesome service and earning your worth

This is for you if:

Already have a business that is leaving you feeling lost.

You are starting from scratch (Congratulations!!)

You are ready to make big changes in your current business

You need help with creating a better more efficient business

Apply now!

This course delivers the skills, support & accountability to help you make big changes.

The business course for hairdressers that you didn't know you needed!

Here is what you'll learn:

Module one


All good businesses need constant attention and that takes planning.
I will help you understand what your business needs and when, so you can plan for success.
Pre-planning also reduces stress, overwhelm and fear of stepping out your comfort zone, so c'mon, lets do it!

Module two


Your brand needs a voice!
I will help you define and create a memorable, recognisable and authentic brand to help your dream client find and fall in love with you.
Good branding is essential when creating a successful business of any size and our members favourite topic!


Module three

Marketing & PR

Retaining current clients is just as important as gaining new ones.
We will create a marketing strategy together that attracts your ideal client and nurtures your current ones, at the time your business needs it most.
This ensure a steady and consistent income throughout the year

Module four


A business only works if it is making money, other wise it's just a hobby.
I am going to give you what you need  to understand exactly what's happening to your profit and how to make more of it!
Spread sheets, profit calculators and correct pricing incoming..

Module five

social media

Not just Instagram.
Here we cover all social media platforms including Pinterest, to get a better understanding of what your client wants and how to deliver the message best. 
I'll show you how to use social media as a marketing tool and as an easy way to elevate your brand and stand out as a trusted advisor

Module six


This is the module that will get you working like a BOSS and thinking like the CEO

This is essentially the nuts and bolts of your business, how it works and how to ensure it's running like clock work (even when you're not there!) and help you work SMARTER NOT HARDER

Stop holding yourself back

Start thinking like a CEO

Feel more confident so you are fully owning your business, not just working in it.

Organise your business so you are not drowning in admin

Your key takeways:

Get clarity on where you want your business to go and give you the steps to get there

Create a sustainable & happy work life balance.

Earn more money without working longer hours.

Elevate your brand

Launch a new course or business

Get ready to open a salon or make your next move

Pivot your current business

Let go of 'Imposter Syndrome' and step up to be the stylist or business owner you want to be

Create a community

Sounds amazing right?

Say no more!

10 x 1:2:1 60 minute calls
2 x 2 hour group workshops
4 x1 hour group workshops
Group Whatsapp so you feel full supported throughout your 6 months
Recording of calls & workshops
Any spreadsheets discussed for business use
6 Months Membership to LHBC
Graduation Ceremony
Bonus: Goodie bag

Our programme is everything you need to create a shift in your business and take it to the next level.

Over the 6 months we will speak 1:2:1 every other week – A total of 10 calls

Plus each month you and your fellow mentees will join together for a group workshop on levelling up the skills you need to grow your business.

Programme details

The structure

What's included

• Goal Planning
• Branding 
• Social Media To Attract your Ideal Client
• Financial Planning
• Systems & Processes
• Marketing Strategies

This includes:

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January 2022 – june 2022

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The mentoring programme was excellent, I had two calls a month as well as workshops to learn different aspects of building your business ... such as marketing, branding ( I didn't really have a clue about this), price increases and most importantly, KNOWING YOUR WORTH, without knowing your worth you won't move forward with positivity and happiness.
It's not just about your work it's about you as a whole and how important self care is. Without putting yourself first you will not flourish and Jo coaches you with this too.
She is just so inspiring, motivating and such a lovely human being who is very supportive on all levels.
I will miss this course but I have learnt some very valuable and important skills to use in my business.

Client Love

I'M jo Irving!

I am an experienced ICF life and business coach and mBIT pratictioner,
OBSESSED with growing personal brands and empowering creatives and leaders to reach their potential in every area of their lives.

I am also a business owner with 22+ years' experience and am proud to have created several successful businesses within the hair industry during that time.
I specialise in coaching my clients to grow in an authentic way, that aligns with their values and what makes their soul happy so that they can go on to do BIG, brave and beautiful things 

Life coach, business mentor & serial entrepreneur

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