The Enlightenment Programme is 'an in salon' group coaching course designed to help you feel confident as individuals & connect with your team as a whole

The enlightenment programme

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⟶ Team members feel more confident at work and in themselves
⟶ Less time off due to sickness / anxiety 
⟶ Will create a higher stylist retention rate 
⟶ Stylists will be more open to new ideas, products, people and processes
⟶ Stylists will feel more confident to get creative 
⟶ Vibe in salon will be higher = Clients happier 
⟶ Stylists will give better consultations resulting in higher sales
⟶ Team will connect and respect
⟶ Team will feel supported and heard
⟶ Team members more likely to apply for awards + competitions 
⟶ Fear of being judged will lessen or disappear at work 



Your team are the most essential part of your business.

 you may have the the best stylists and creatives in the world in your salon, but if they are not feeling confident and supported on the inside, they won't reach their potential.

 which means you won't reach yours.

That's a fact 

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Get clarity on what you and your team need in order to show up as your best, most confident, successful and creative selves

Learn how to build better relationships with team members and clients

Experience the power of group coaching, accountability & support in a safe space.

Give yourself time to acknowledge your feelings and permission to lean into your authentic, beautiful self

Learn how the mind & body work to keep you safe and how to effectively combat feelings of anxiety worry & fear.

Have fun getting creative and connecting with your tribe

Over this 1 day course we will:

The course can be run in your own salon or in my co working space in Reigate, Surrey

I generally allow around 4 hours depending on course content and if you are including lunch breaks 

I will talk with you beforehand to decide what areas of growth you want to include in your session to
 ensure the session benefits everyone 

A basic session includes focussing on what the everyone needs as individuals and as a team in order to feel their most confident and aligned at work the working as a group to ensure this happens

The session includes a mix of meditation, coaching and creative fun to break down communication barriers and help your team feel like a team again

How it works

The day includes: 

  • Meditation
  • Worksheets
  • Group Coaching
  • EFT
  • Creative Mood Boarding

By the end of the day you will be feeling lighter, happier, braver and wondering why you ever felt any different.

Seriously, this session is a game changer for teams needing to level up and lean in to the joy that hairdressing brings!

Step up, Lean in and get excited for your most successful future without fear.

I'm so in! ⟶


On the agenda

"Waking up each morning to a motivational message of Jo was a brilliant way to start the day and get the brain juices flowing on how I can make a better change for my life. The sessions were so impactful and the takeaways and lightbulb moments were well and truly worth the investment.
I really missed the program when it had finished and missed the daily messages!!
I’d highly recommend raising your vibe and feeling empowered with Jo!!"

Client Love

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Starting price for a 4 hour session
       for a team of upto 5

What if you can't make it?

Who is it for?

For salon groups or working teams that want to create a better work environment.
Ideal for teams going through changes or experiencing the effects of exhaustion, burn out and anxiety but also where a lack of confidence or motivation is an issue 

I'M jo Irving!

I am an experienced ICF life and business coach and mBIT pratictioner,
OBSESSED with growing personal brands and empowering creatives and leaders to reach their potential in every area of their lives.

I am also a business owner with 22+ years' experience and am proud to have created several successful businesses within the hair industry during that time.
I specialise in coaching my clients to grow in an authentic way, that aligns with their values and what makes their soul happy so that they can go on to do BIG, brave and beautiful things 

Life coach, business mentor & serial entrepreneur

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